Honeycomb Kraft Mailer

Our Kraft Mailer with Honeycomb Cushioning offers the perfect blend of durability, sustainability, and convenience for all your shipping needs. Crafted with care and ingenuity, this innovative packaging solution ensures that your items reach their destination securely and in style.

  • Premium Protection: The integrated honeycomb cushioning provides exceptional shock absorption, keeping your items safe from bumps, drops, and rough handling during transit. Say goodbye to worries about damaged goods!
  • Eco-Friendly Design: We believe in sustainability. That's why our Kraft Mailer is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing performance.
  • Convenient and Ready to Use: No assembly required! Our Kraft Mailer comes pre-assembled and ready to use, saving you time and effort. Simply slide in your items, seal, and ship with confidence.
  • Versatile and Lightweight: Whether you're sending documents, clothing, accessories, or small electronics, our Kraft Mailer adapts to various shapes and sizes while keeping shipping costs low thanks to its lightweight construction.
  • Professional Appearance: Impress your customers with the sleek and professional look of our Kraft Mailer. Its clean design and sturdy construction reflect the quality and care you put into your products.
SKU Dimensions W×L Mailer # Quantity Per Case Quantity Per Skid Quantity
BK16001 6.5×10 #0 250 36
BK16002 8.5×12 #2 100 36
BK16003 10.5×16 #5 100 36
BK16004 14.25×20 #7 50 36
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