Double Wall Boxes

For All of Your Ultra Packaging Needs!

Our Double Wall Corrugated Boxes provide an extra full sheet of corrugation for maximum protection during shipping. The Double Wall box is also ideal for fragile items or heavy set ones. The boxes can also be used to store items or help you with moving. The recycled nature of our shipping boxes make them eco friendly too. Over 80% recycled materials.

Double the protection, protects your valuable fragile items.

Box Strength ECT 48

  • Double the strength
  • Double the protection
Stock Size Sheet Download
SKU Item Number Dimensions L×W×H Bundle Qty Bale Qty Quantity
BX02005 Box T50 Double Wall 20×16×14 15
BX02006 Box T BARS Double Wall 21×19×45.5 N/A
BX02007 Box T 22159 Double Wall 22×15.5×9 15
BX02008 Box T SIDE Double Wall 25×18.75×38.5 15
BX02009 Box T 252242 Double Wall 25×22×42 N/A
BX02010 Box T72 Double Wall 28×24×20 10
BX02011 Box T 362222 Double Wall 36×22×22 10
BX02012 Box T 441110 Double Wall 44×11×10.5
BX02013 Box T 6088 Double Wall 60×8×8 160 N/A

moving boxes

SKU Item Number Dimensions L×W×H Bundle Qty Bale Qty Quantity
BX02014 China Dish Box Double Wall 18×18×28 15
BX02015 Wardrobe Box Double Wall 23.625×20.625×46 10
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