2 Mil Recloseable Poly Bags

Single track zipper extends the width of the bag

Impressive clarity and durability. 2mil bags protect delicate items from outside contaminants. The side-welded zipper top seal reinforced the bag's strength and ensures reusability, no matter how many times the bag is opened and closed.

All packed 1000/Per Case

  • Keep moisture away from products
  • Sizes indicate inner dimensions
  • Meets FDA standard
  • Approved for USDA facilities
SKU Dimensions W×L Color Quantity
PB01018 2×3 Clear
PB01001 3×3 Clear
PB01011 3×4 Clear
PB01019 3×5 Clear
PB01023 3×6 Clear
PB01002 4×4 Clear
PB01025 4×5 Clear
PB01007 4×6 Clear
PB01026 4×8 Clear
PB01030 4×9 Clear
PB01029 4×10 Clear
PB01020 5×7 Clear
PB01013 5×8 Clear
PB01031 5×10 Clear
PB01024 6×8 Clear
PB01027 6×9 Clear
PB01014 6×12 Clear
PB01010 8×10 Clear
PB01021 9×12 Clear
PB01028 10×12 Clear
PB01022 10×13 Clear
PB01016 12×15 Clear
Extended Stock
SKU Dimensions W×L Color Quantity
PB01005 1.5×2 Clear
PB01006 2×8 Clear
PB01015 3×10 Clear
PB01003 5×12 Clear
PB01008 7×9 Clear
PB01004 12×18 Clear
PB01012 13×13 Clear
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